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October 25th, 2019

“It’s like a painting or putting together collages,” says Copenhagen designer Bettina Bakdal of her hand-crafted dresses and sweatshirts composed of vintage silk scarves and pre-loved fabrics.“The scarves themselves are like small pieces of art and most of the time, they’re just left in our closets.”

Bakdal’s interest in using leftover, good quality silk fabrics from luxury brands for her one-off pieces, is an after effect of having been a head designer at a fast fashion label. “We are living in a world where the fashion industry is producing too much – more than anyone can ever wear. We need art and beauty, not more conspicuous consumption.”

For Bakdal, each scarf has its own history. She formulates each garment with the compositions of fabrics in mind, aspiring to evoke a calm feeling in the viewer despite the chaos of mixing varying patterns. “I like to vary colours and expressions so it matches our different personalities,” she says. “Fresh bright, dark graphic, or catchy romantic.”

Currently, Poepke has a small selection of Bettina’s dresses available. To peruse our selection, visit here.

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