CristaSeya Edition #11

August 15th, 2018

CristaSeya’s notorious minimalism of style often disguises the attention its founder, Cristina Casini, gives to the luxurious fabrics each garment is cut out of. Whether it be the softest knitwear coming out of her mother’s factory in Reggio Emilia, Italy, or cotton pants blended with Japanese washi paper to get the perfect crispness.

Eschewing the successive trend based, fashion circuit, Casini instead opts for numbered editions for her clothes,  consisiting of 12-15 garments each. Items can be bought from any of these editions, and the beauty of their timelessness means you want to.

Each new edition also introduces handmade objects. These are collaborations with artists from around the world; such as decorative vases of upside down heads from Sicilian artist Giacomo Alessi, or one-of-a-kind cushions from the Swiss brand Ikou Tschuss. Currently in store, Poepke has woven ceramics made of Anaphi clay, Anaphi being the luscious Greek Island Casini holidays at and inspiration for CristaSeya’s Edition #08.

To view Popeke’s range of CristaSeya, visit here.

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