Five Questions… with Sally and Micah from Rittenhouse

July 6th, 2012

Sydney label Rittenhouse is a firm favourite here at Poepke. We live in their mohair knits and cool anoraks, and can’t believe how soft their leather shoes are. (Have you tried the suede ballet flats? Butter soft!) So we stole some time to pose a few hard-hitting questions to the designers, Sally and Micah.

Sally and Micah

What is your favourite sound?
Erykah Badu at the Opera House

What did you eat for breakfast this morning?
Brown rice with umeboshi plum, seaweed and roasted sesame seeds, this is kind of a newish breakfast obsession, I was going to just say I had weetbix but Juliet has threatened to change it anyway. So, yes, it’s all about brown rice for brekky, it is particularly good with berries and mint!


What was the last film you loved?
‘The Descendants’ was the last movie I saw and it was pretty great, we went all the way OTB to see it and were not disappointed. In terms of really really loving a film though, Adaptation and Stranger than fiction are 2 films that we both love and need to watch at least once a year.

Socks and sandals: yes or no?
Socks and sandals are always a yes for me

Who would compose the soundtrack of your life and why?
Cinematic Orchestra and Dr Octagon, I think, hmm, yes, well why not it could be a fantastic combo?

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