Introducing: Deiji Studios

June 8th, 2018

With the season of hibernation upon us, Poepke is now stocking a new range of sleepwear to lounge in. Born out of Byron Bay, Deiji Studios has created pyjamas and robes made from fine French linen in colours such as mustard, cyan and olive. It is the kind of sleepwear you want to venture out in, bringing you a little bit of comfort wherever you go. We talk to one of the founders of Deiji Studios about how it all came about.

Talk to us about the ethos behind Deiji Studios.

We created Deiji almost two years ago now, with a vision to deliver high comfort, high quality linen bedding and sleepwear. Our ever-evolving sleepwear line has been designed in Australia, creating timeless pieces to be worn in bed at home or out and about.

What compelled you to start the brand, and why sleepwear?

Having a French background, I have seen so much linen passed down through to my mother from her great aunts. Whenever my mother goes back to Paris she always sends me pictures of the beds at her family homes, so the love for working with linen back home was quite strong. We started with bedding with always the intention of doing sleepwear and we wanted to create something that was comfortable to sleep in, host a dinner party, wear to the beach or the shops to grab the milk without offending anyone.

You’re based in Byron – how does the environment there inform what you do?

We try look beyond Byron, as it tends to be a bit of a bubble. We get our inspirations from all over.

Deiji is a Japanese name, why Deiji? 

Our first sleepwear was Japanese inspired, we are very inspired by the Japanese culture and clothing designs, so minimal and effortless.

We love the colours of your sleepwear – olive, mustard, and cyan. Tell us what inspired you to use these colours. 

They are just the colours that stood out to us at the time, Emma wears more of the Mustard and Olive, and I love the Cyan and white. We are bringing out plenty of new designs and colours soon!

To view Poepke’s range of Deiji Studios, you can visit here.

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