Introducing Vermeer Studio

December 6th, 2021

Vermeer Studio is the creation between two best friends, Gabriel Krestensen and Tané Meiring who sculpt stones, beads and metal into subtle adornments that take in the light as you move, or frame your clavicle or nape just so. The beauty of their pieces is the way they drape or dangle next to your skin, riding the wave between playful, sexy and feminine. We chat to Tané to find out more, and celebrate Poepke’s pop-up with Vermeer Studio.

When did you begin making jewellery and how did you get drawn to the process?

We began creating jewellery a few years ago in 2018. The skills were taught and passed down to us from Gabriel’s mum and we fell in love with the design process right away. There was something so therapeutic about choosing colours and designs that really spoke to us, it was a process we both really enjoyed.

2. What was the impetus of starting Vermeer Studio and tell us the story of how it began.

We had dreamt of creating together since our early teens as we felt our styles really complimented and inspired one another. As we got older these dreams only matured and we would talk endlessly about different ideas whenever we had a chance over a vino or two! 

It was when Gab became a mother herself that we really felt ready and motivated to pursue something and it just happened that her mum was willing to teach us about jewellery and we fell in love! The rest is history.  

3. You craft all your jewellery from carefully sourced natural materials from all over Australia and the world. Name a material you have sourced that you are especially fond of and tell us why.

Natural materials always have us in awe, the array of colours and textures are endless that it really is impossible to choose a favourite. We are uniquely fond of each piece as all of our materials inspire us in different ways and evoke different feelings in us.

4. How do you name each of your collections and pieces?

After we have designed a piece and know how it makes us feel, we love to choose name’s that we think match the character and personality of each piece. It’s such a fun process! 

5. Tell us a book, a movie and a song (or just one) that has moved you, or has inspired your work.

Music is definitely the media that most captivates and moves us. You will always find us listening to Jazz or Classical music in the studio as we find it the most grounding and calming, especially in these uncertain times. 

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