Issey Miyake – Mainline & Pleats Please Collections

February 26th, 2019

At Poepke, we’ve long been fans of Japanese designer Issey Miyake, especially due to his his forward thinking ways. Fashion for him has always been about looking towards the future, by way of accepting traditions from the past. And when it comes to the technologies of his garments, Miyake has always been ahead of the game. His line 1325, is made out of entirely recycled materials, while his A-Poc garments are constructed from a single roll of cloth. These are woven on looms controlled by computers, a technology previously used for making fishing nets.

It’s his vision orientated towards the future that he also cultivates within the culture of his work place. Fostering creativity is what Miyake loves to do, and when new designers arrive, they are ensconced into teams, provided with projects and given goals, to let their ideas bloom. Older employees stay on as mentors explaining the Issey Miyake way to their younger colleagues. Sometimes his employees move on to other fields; lighting design, architecture, or their own labels, but Miyake is happy to nurture and release them.

Although Poepke has proudly housed Miyake’s mainline collection for many seasons, for Spring/Summer 19, we are happy to announce that we will also be stocking his line, Pleats Please. These consist of garments made from single pieces of high quality polyester, nearly three times larger than the final garment. After the fabric has been cut and sewn, it is sandwiched between paper and hand fed into a pleats machine, to create crease-free, easy to wash and easy to dry clothing, durable, and light, and all you ever want to wear.

New collections of Issey Miyake and Pleats Please are now in store at Poepke.


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