Kowtow: From Seed to Garment Film

May 9th, 2017

The origins of the word kowtow comes from China. Here the act of kowtowing is considered the highest form of reverence where one kneels and bows so low, their head touches the ground. A fitting name for a clothing line whose aim is to respect not only the earth their organic cotton comes from, but each of the hands that touch its garments.

Kowtow’s origins began in Wellington, where designer and founder Gosia Piatek grew up after fleeing Poland with her parents at the age of five. Despite having no background in fashion, after graduating from University, Piatek was in search to do something meaningful. When a friend suggested founding a Fair Trade organic cotton business, she took the idea and ran with it.

Piatek and her team work solely with organic cotton to create apparel from the seed to the garment. The transparency of this journey allows their customer insight into the origins of their clothing item. To do this they work exclusively with a farm and factory in Calcutta, where fair wages are a must and ethical work standards and balanced hours for their employees means working a season ahead of most other labels.

The quality of Kowtow’s fabrics and their eye for details – each button and trim is sourced and produced ethically, both environmentally and socially – has garnered Kowtow a cult following of women around of the globe. The label now has retailers in New York, London, Paris, Copenhagen and Tokyo and is celebrating ten years in the business.

Poepke is proud to have this considered label adorn their hangers.

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