Lemaire – ‘Finding poetry in the reality’

May 30th, 2018

“Finding poetry in the reality” is how Christophe Lemaire, describes what he and his wife, co-designer Sarah-Linh Tran do at his namesake label.

And that’s exactly what Lemaire’s clothes are: everyday clothes with a poet’s inflection, which are equally at home at a business meeting or a more clandestine one. “We are always constantly reworking the essentials, looking for something timeless, trying to pervert a little bit the archetypes,” he says.

Lemaire, who has also designed for Hermès and Lacoste, spins decks as a DJ during his time off, and it is from music such as German prog rock and new wave bands like Joy Division and Suicide that he draws inspiration from. But it is the streets of Paris too, which continually ignites his ideas, particularly the suburb of Belleville: “It’s very mixed socially, emotionally. It’s a bit of a constant mess. You have this mix of Asian restaurants and Maghreb restaurants or shops. And you have all these old Chinese or Arab men dressing very stylishly. The way they combine certain colours, it’s always quite sharp in an unfashion way which I really love always. So there is always a bit of that in Lemaire.”

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