Poepke Projects – Jasmin Sparrow

November 29th, 2019

For our latest iteration of Poepke Projects, we present Jasmine Sparrow Jewellery. Featuring classically sculptured pieces from both her permanent and Mermaid collections, you can expect clusters of sea pearls and drips of smokey quartz for your ears and single organic pearls and carnelians to adorn your neck and wrists. These are modern jewels, created with devotion, to celebrate and be passed down with love. We spoke to the designer, Jasmin Scott about her practice, and her own precious pieces that have come into her possession.

You began making jewellery as a hobby when your first child was born and you had completed your diploma in jewellery design from Wellington. How has your aesthetic changed from when you began four years ago?

I think the aesthetic has been really consistent; classic but sculptural. We still sell pieces from the very first collection four years ago. We keep best sellers from each collection available permanently and as a result have built a really strong permanent offering. 

Your jewels are ethically sourced and you like to make as little impact to the environment as possible. At a time when these words are at risk of being overused, what does this mean for your practice?

Sustainably is a word that has become very overused. I don’t think it’s a word that should be celebrated any longer, it should be a given in everyone’s practice. We are constantly looking for ways to do more within the business to cause as little harm to the environment as possible. We do ongoing research, speak to others we admire who are ahead of the game in sustainable business, and constantly implement changes where we can. 

We take a holistic approach to our sustainable practice, from production; looking after our production team, using recycled metals and stones where we can, being mindful of where we source stones and components, and minimising waste. This approach is carried through to the end product; we create timeless pieces that aren’t influenced by trends, will last a lifetime and become family heirlooms. Finally by educating the customer on caring for her piece, shopping mindfully and seeing true value in her belongings.

We love the use of carnelian and freshwater opals in this collection. Tell us what drew you to work with these stones in particular?

They are stones that I love to wear! And really special colours, I use these stones frequently.


We have your full range in store at the moment, both the Mermaid and your permanent collection, tell us your inspiration behind Mermaid?

Mermaid was a response to customer demand for an elevated offering, the sparkle and mermaid earring are really special pieces that can be worn for events. The statement earring has always been a staple in each collection, but with Mermaid we took things to another level, easy elegance. 

Your online platform – sentiments – has women sharing their most precious items handed down to them or the ones they plan to hand down themselves. It’s a gentle push to remind us about the longevity of what we buy. What is your most precious item?

My grandmother worked in a jewellery store for 30 years. As children my sisters and I would receive jewellery from her every birthday and Christmas. I have a charm bracelet from her and remember going into her store and being able to pick a which charm I wanted for my birthday every year. These are really special memories and I still have my charm bracelet covered in charms, as well as a beautiful selection of jewels I inherited from her after she passed away, these are pieces I never take off and will wear forever. 

To see the Jasmin Sparrow collection at Popeke, visit our us in store or online.

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