Projects at Poepke: Henson

November 5th, 2013


In our next Project, Poepke introduce Henson’s distinct jewellery. Described as having ‘a highly conceptual and detailed approach to design’, Henson’s creators Andy Henson and Brent Gold will often leave ‘traces’ of themselves on each piece. They play with notions of beauty and the idea that something untraditional, unconstrained and maybe even a little bit ugly can be coveted and therefore become beautiful. Their creations are organic, raw and aggressive and often speak of different times, places and cultures.

Here, Andy Henson speaks about the label’s origins, processes and their Project at Poepke.


How did you two first begin collaborating together?

We had been friends for a while and were living together at the time. We were both really interested in making all the things that we imagined but couldn’t find, and the house slowly transformed into a working studio.

With one of you living in Sydney and the other in Melbourne, do you find the distance challenging?

I think at first it was a challenge, but now I’d say we both thrive on it. Over the years we have both tuned in to each other really well. So while the distance has given us space to really develop our own specific styles and ideas, we often find that we are thinking the exact same thing. It also means that the energy we have when we meet up feels fresh, kind of like a long distance relationship. [laughs]

Your design aesthetic seems to be composed of concurrent opposites – minimalist and raw, masculine and delicate, strong and luxe. How would you describe what you do?

We are really focused on hand made, and we really like our work to feel hand made. Often we leave little marks on the jewellery to highlight that. I think that’s where the organic and raw feel comes from.  A challenge for us is to retain that raw feel but also create objects that are both unisex and really wearable, and I guess that’s where the minimalist and refined side of our aesthetic comes into play.


For your Project at Poepke, you’ve chosen a particular focus point. Can you tell us about that?

Well, our new collection is called Regenesis and the idea behind it was to build a collection out of all the fragments of old work in the studio. We re-smelted silver, pulled apart chains and really focused on beating and carving the silver back into shape. To juxtapose the heavy feel to the collection we added black diamonds and pearls – and that is the focus for the Project at Poepke. There is an American poet called Aberjhani that wrote ‘at the edge of madness you howl diamonds and pearls’, and that’s where the name for the installation has come from.

What pieces can we expect to find from you at Poepke over the coming months?

Lots of rings, necklaces and cuffs. We have made quite a few one off pieces as well. Black diamonds and japanese black pearls and lots of hand carved pieces.


Henson’s Project for Poepke begins this Thursday 7 November. To stay in the loop with Projects at Poepke and other happenings, join our email list at

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