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July 4th, 2013

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shuh. is a Melbourne-based illustrator and jewellery designer. Shuh Lee’s work has always evolved with colours and reusing unwanted or recycled objects. She likes to create bright, colourful and fun objects that people can wear, use and love. shuh.’s Project at Poepke will include handmade bracelets and necklaces, printed tea towels and homewares, and framed illustrations.

We chatted to Lee about her past, her bright, beautiful pieces and her upcoming Project with us.


Hi Shuh! Can you tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?

Hello Poepke! My name is Shuh Lee. I grew up in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. My father works as a commercial silk-screen printer. Being exposed to paints and printing at an early age has influenced me to pursue work in the creative field. I left home to finish my degree in Melbourne before deciding to extend my stay.

I think my work is a combination of my experience growing up in Malaysia and living in Melbourne. I am very grateful to able to work in the creative field. Being in the environment I grew up in, I find I don’t have a lot of role models in the creative arts. Most people I grew up with were encouraging me to pursue a more conservative career. Staying true to myself was definitely one of the challenges that I have faced. Currently, I am juggling between a full time job and my own creative work.

What is your background and how did you come to be making these beautiful pieces?

I took up an arts stream in high school and did a Fashion Design Diploma in college before completing a Fashion Degree at RMIT. Throughout my studies, I tended to experiment with colours, hand stitching and drawing. Although every assignment is different, these aesthetics always seem to appear in my work unintentionally. I think that is probably the starting point of my work.


Your work has many different dimensions: you work in many forms (jewellery and illustration among them), and have collaborated with different people. How do these new ideas/forms/collaborations come about?

During my studies, I would find myself wandering into the fine art/silversmith faculties. From then, I knew I wanted to work with and explore other mediums and forms, but while maintaining the use of hand stitching or a raw touch in my work. I am always in search for new materials or products to work with.

Collaboration with other people is probably an extension of this exploration. The collaboration normally starts with conversation over a cup of coffee or a couple of emails, getting to know the other artist before working together. I love working with other people. Sharing ideas and learning something new is bliss!

What inspires you? Tell us about a few of your favourite things.

Inspiration comes to me in everyday life. It could be anything, anywhere, anytime and anybody.

However, having/doing my favourite things helps with the process. I love going to new places, listening to beautiful sounds, watching foreign films, trying new workshops, being surrounded by other creative people, checking out works/exhibitions, foggy/rainy days, long evening walks, swimming in a quiet pool, reminiscing over old memories… to name a few things.

What will you be bringing to Poepke for your Project with us? What should we expect?

Colours! I will be bringing a combination of my current accessories, framed illustrations and homewares to Poepke.


The shuh. Project begins this Saturday 6 July. To stay in the loop with Projects at Poepke and other happenings, join our email list at

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