Araks – Sustainable Lingerie

September 11th, 2019

Being the most intimate layer next to our skin, lingerie needs to cover a lot of bases. Delicate, but because we wear it every day, durable. Sexy, but not seriously so. Araks, a lingerie label out of New York fuses all of these desires together with its playful cuts, sensual colours and snug textures.

The woman behind the label is Araks Yeramyan, a Parsons graduate who remembers falling in love with colour from the time her father gifted her coloured pencils as a young girl. But what makes her lingerie so special is not only the care she puts into each ethereal garment, but the care she puts into producing them too; employing sustainability practices wherever possible to ensure the colours of our world stay vibrant too.

Aspiring to be sustainable with every decision they make, Araks has gone through sustainability assessment and receives education and mentorship from the CDFA. Some of their practices include choosing evergreen fabrics, with excess materials being worked into future collections or donated to schools and charitable organisations. Customers are encouraged to mix and match pieces from collections past with those from present collections, so that a focus on buying new is not paramount.

But the most important decision the company makes, starts at the very beginning, with choosing the fabrics they make their garments out of. Their goal is to eventually use only GOTS organic cotton, recycled nylon and to have the highest environmental standards for dyeing and finishing their materials.

Recognising that you have to start somewhere to get anywhere, Araks is a lingerie company showing their true colours when it comes to caring about our planet and the comfort of the people in it.

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